Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sydney, September

We had three days in Sydney. I had to see a specialist at Royal Prince Alfred hospital and have a 'minor operation' to correct a faulty 'tap'.

Denny-the-Dog was 'baby sat' by a home carer who came in fed him, played with him and took him for walks - but he was still delighted to see us arrive home! LOL!

We had a lovely room on the 8th floor of the Sheraton on the Park, a room with a 'Park View':

Once again we feasted in the Brassiere restaurant at their buffet dinner and I enjoyed copious helpings from the fresh seafood buffet - Queensland Banana Prawns, Sydney Rock Oysters, Balmain Bugs ( a type of local cray), Blue Swimmer Crab and Oysters Kilpatrick. Of course there was also the obligatory trip to the dessert bar with its opulent spread of cakes, tarts, slices and home made ice cream.

We skipped the Sheraton's $48AUS/head full English breakfast and opted for the same from George's Cafe across the road in Castlereagh Street for $12.50AUS/head.

The staff didn't know our names but they certainly remembered our faces from previous visits, making for a cosy breakfast.

At 7.30am in the morning Castlereagh Street was very calm.

That night we dined in the "Palace Chinese Restaurant", a place for 'real' Chinese meals and where the local Asian populace dine.

We also had lunch one day in Sydney's landmark Centrepoint Tower.

Despite the minor inconvenience of my medical situation, it was a perfect spring visit to Sydney and we also managed to rack up almost 2,000 points in our Sheraton Rewards Program.

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