Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art and About - Sydney, Hyde Park

Every year Sydney has a photography competition - subject matter must be Sydney scenes. This year there were over 5,000 entries. Below are some of the 22 finalists whose entries were enlarged and printed onto large banners for display in Hyde Park. The final winner, judged on September the 23rd, receives cash and prizes to the value of $10,000AUS.

A shot of the Hyde Park approach to the Archibald Fountain from The Promenade.

Selected exhibits:
1. Sydney Dust Storm:

2. Five Ways Theatre, Darlinghurst:

3. Bondi Beach Local:

4. Donna:

5. Cole Classic:

6. Sydney Harbour Sailing:

7. Carmen, Elizabeth Street:

8. Mikhail and the Dust Storm:

AND THE WINNER IS (WAS)...... (I voted for the "Five Ways Theatre, Darlinghurst")
Nicholas May's "Australia Day 2010" - on a hot 35C day people flock to Sydney's ben buckler Rocks (Bondi) to cool down:

Now, for some local scenes - The Promenade, Hyde Park:

A view of Hyde Park:

Casual Saturday in the Park - St Mary's cathedral and the Archibald Fountain in the background:

Two friends enjoy the morning air:

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