Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Driving 101 - extension

Wendy posted in Goodbye POS hello truck an image of her new truck and I wrote that I would post an image of my truck, known as "The Beast"!

Well, here it is:

Rodeo LT, 3.5L petrol with long-range tank, 5 speed manual (floor shift), limited slip differential, bullbar, driving lights, fog lights, electric (tow) braking control, HD rear suspension uplift, load levellers for tow vehicle, second battery in tray, lockable canopy with 3 windows, tow hitch, reversing cameras and 5inch vidscreen, 2-way radio - and .......... did I also mention climate control? LOL!

Happy driving Wendy - get out there and get that stink pot of yours weaving!


Jabacue said...

Now you're showing off John! I love manual shifts! Have always had manual shift. Your truck looks like it would be good on a long trek. Right?

John said...

Love showing off my truck - Yeah!

Great for long trips tho the ride can be a bit stiff because of the uplift suspension. Has an extra power outlet in the tray to keep a 90liter fridge/freezer ticking over until I hit a location with mains power. Really good for when we head into the interior (or "Outback" as we call it!).

Wendy said...

I think this could take on the potholes of Lae!!! YEAH!!!