Saturday, October 9, 2010

For Jim

Hi Jim,

Here are a couple of images of the hibiscus I mentioned on your blog - Long Live Hibiscus.


Another favourite plant of ours is the 'pigface' or Carpobrotus spp They are a very hardy succulant that is frosttolerant and open and close with the sun, in fact they will 'track the sun' and always grow facing towards the sun's path across the garden.

We managed to save a cutting of this plant and it has survived on the highlands in a large pot out near our BBQ setting. We have decided to propogate some more cuttings from it and replant it in the gardens up at "The Camp" to form a ground cover.


Jabacue said...

John, thanks so much for this! The first pic is lovely. The next two didn't come out. Can't wait to see the 'pigface'!!! Frost hardy eh?
Thanks again John.

John said...

"Didn't come out"? I can see them at my end? Try looking at them at

John Gray said...


Jabacue said...

They are visible now John. Thanks. Pigface is beautiful!! Looks like one that grows here wild called 'Devils Paintbrush' which has a smaller orange blossom.
The Pearl Fishers recording we have is the one you recommended! Yes, these guys are the standard for all the rest. I didn't post them because I wanted some 'visuals'. But I agree, in some ways there is really no comparison.

Jo said...

I have some pigfaces, I remember them from our garden in Sydney when I was growing up.