Monday, October 4, 2010

A Ewe-nique Event...

Boorowa's "Running of the Sheep" festival images.

The Boorowa Hotel top verandah is a good viwing spot, but you have to get there early:

The floats lead the way:

Followed by the Irish Pipe Band (see why you have to get to the Hotel early):

The Bull and Stallion was a bit removed from the action but suited myself as a base to "park and walk"

Enter the sheep:

and they just kept coming:

Some of the locals got into the swing of things and added a few decorative touches of their own:


John Gray said...

that hotel is the spit of the one in the movie AUSTRALIA!

Jabacue said...

I can see that being a lot of fun! A good 'get together' after a long cold winter, eh John?
Yes, a great spot to watch the whole parade.

John said...

Jim, that's the idea - spring in grazing country means lambing and it allows all the cockies and other farm-folk to get together and plan. John, that 'pub' is a a generic, turn-of-the-century design. Unfortunately most of the country pubs have gone - many sold up and and the licence transferred to city 'Boutique Pubs' - sham-irish, plastic, replicas of UK and Ireland pubs.

I must do a blog post on existing pubs in my region. Yass once had over thirty 'pubs' and now only has three.