Monday, October 25, 2010

Keyboarding 2 finger style

Had a little mishap in the kitchen, slicing bread with a razor sharp nice - Yes!  That's right, straight across the quick of my left index finger! Ouch!!!!!!  Blood everywhere (and I'm a 'bleeder' to boot).

Might have needed a suture or two but I don't have a great deal of confidence in the nurses at the local hospital - most would do an army surgeon in a Victorian-era Field Hospital credit, LOL! - and I knew they would not let me suture it myself, so had to make do with Band Aids (elastic adhesive strips to the non-Aussies) and a pressure bandage.

So please forgive any inadvertant 'typos'.

Saw John Gill's comment on Bag Packing and thought I must add this contribution:

"Bag packing groceries is a skill that approaches an art form. Everytime we go to the supermarket Rhonda always chooses her 'checkout  chickie' very carefully, afterall, she does not want her tins on top of her eggs or cream sponge. Its always an uncomfortable ride home if we get a change in 'checkout  chickie' as we wait in the queue and the atmosphere is like that akin to an approaching electric storm until we get home, unload the car, get the groceries sorted and stacked and put away in the order that suits her requirements.

I usually slink away and put the kettle on and meekly offer her a 'cuppa' to help ease the tension until all is set well in her groceries world. LOL!"

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