Saturday, October 2, 2010

Views around Yass

Just a few shots I took as I walked Denny-the-Dog up to the shops this morning, mostly the catholic college, Mt Carmel's and St Augustine's church.

The old convent, now part of the Mt Carmel College:

Mt Carmel College Administration Building:

The old Church:

The Grotto in the old church courtyard:

The Presbytery in the old church grounds:

The Church Hall:

St Augustines - the new church:

A stone cottage:

Yass Public School, viewed through the tree from Riverside Park:

A tree lined avenue:

Sunday stroll through the streets:

View from the Post Office:

The Post Office building:

Yass River and road bridge:

The river weir and footbridge:

The disused iron railway bridge over the Yass River:


Jabacue said...

Lots of history there, John! Love those old buildings.

John Gray said...

thanks for posting... alot more interesting than our village and so typically australian ( or how I expected it to be)

loved main street!