Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How does your garden grow?

My pumpkins have finally taken.

Another week and I'll be able to remove the "Denny barrier"!

My snow peas have shot up, bloomed and now fruiting.

My tomato bushes have fruit forming.

And, my climbing beans - in the white foam box, are reaching the top of the shade trellis.

We had another 15mm of rain last night, taking us to 78mm in 24hours and it is still raining with a 90% chance of more rain forecast for the next 5 days.

After Rhonda finishes her painting today, we are going to Cusack's at Kingston and to some fabric shops at Curtain and Blind Creations  at Fyshwick (two of the ACT larger shopping areas) tomorrow to buy some new curtain materials and then we head to "The Camp" for a few days, Friday to Sunday - may as well be up there in the rain as much as sitting around here in it! LOL!


Jabacue said...

John, I am glad you are not a gloater! lol Imagine all that growing in almost December! Still catches me when I realize the world consists of more than the Northern Hemisphere. You could have a pretty good harvest by the look of things.What type of climbing beans do you use there?

JohnD said...

Blue lake as a runner, or, climber which also comes as a dwarf 'bush' bean. Other than that beans are only restricted by your imagination. Cherokee Wax, Italian Romano, Rattle snake, Broad Beans, Soybean - all grow well.

Gill - That British Woman said...

one good thing about all that rain, youu don't have to water all your plants.......everything also looks so lush and green. It's actually raining here in Southern Ontario as well, before the temperatures drop again.

Thanks for the recipe as well.

Gill in Canada

Jabacue said...

Same here year I had about five different types growing My fav was an Italian type which was purple until cooked when it turned green.

Jabacue said...

Thanks John for your compliment today. Now that you have a brand-spanking new camera, you can take hundreds of photos. And if you are lucky, like I am on occasion, you will 'get' one you like and delete the rest.
Don't be afraid of anything, start shooting and see what happens.