Thursday, December 2, 2010


Feel like a grub and must smell like a grub! 

As you know we (i.e. Rhonda) have been painting our laundry, bathroom, toilet and entrance alcove for the last five days - well overdue as it turns out, as Rhonda washed the lace liner curtains on Day one and her fingers went straight through them.

In the meantime we have not been able to shower - that - and add rain +++, humidity and thunderstorms and, well ....... all we've been able to do is to 'tub wash' and use copious amounts of deodorants.

Here's a few images:

Wall colour is Wattyl ID brand semi-sheen called 'cool cucumber'. doors, window surrounds, architraves, etc are done in a Wattyl ID silky satin white.

The 'Loo' LOL!

The 'tradie' hard at their task!

Poor old Denny - this is the second 'paint job' he's lived through,
so he now knows what's expected of him!

I seized on a 'window' break in the rain and got the Victa mower out this morning and mowed the ankle deep grass in the yard - good job, 'cos its now raining again! Then I fueled both vehicles at the local 'servo', re-filled the mower fuel cans, picked up the mail from the post office and when I got home I took our defunct wine cooler fridge out and put it in the trailer to go to the metal recycling.

Phewwwww! I wonder why some people looked at me in a funny way in the PO queue! LOL!

Anyhow, As we are getting a little bit whiffy, I've booked us into a local motel for the night (one of their recently renovated courtyard suites) on Friday night so that we can both have a good shower and scrub. Then we are booked into the Fook Lee Loi Chinese Restaurant in town and we'll stay the night in the motel.

Fook Lee Loi is special to us. It was a good restaurant being run-down and then got sold to a very industrious young Chinese couple who moved into town, proceeded to run and up-grade the restaurant standard and produce two lovely boys of their own in the interim. They even managed to relocate her elderly parents from Taiwan  and they now live with them, helping wherever they can. The cuisine is a delightful mixture of traditional Szechuan food and Cantonese cooking. I get lots of ideas for my recipes every time we dine there!

Saturday we are heading to "The Camp" for two nights and be back Monday as I have a specialist orthopaedic appointment in Canberra on Tuesday! My poor old right knee is giving out and it looks like I need a new titanium one - at least they'll chime in unison when I walk through airport security points! LOL!

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