Thursday, December 2, 2010

Charles Bean's Great War

Charles Bean was an Australian historian. he was the Official War Historian for the Australian government during World War One.

In Novemeber this year, 2010, Foxtel's History channel released a series called Charles Bean's Great War. The thing here is not that he was Australian, its more a thing that he was one of a handful, that few fully accredited and unbiased journalists that compiled as near a complete history of the battle action of WWI.

Watch out on your History Channel for this epic rendition of what he saw and recorded for posterity.

It's a pity more people did not take notice of him at the time. I was privileged, when doing my under-graduate studies as a Bachelor of Arts student at the Australian National University, studying Australian History,  to benefit through Legacy Australia to gain access to study areas that would have otherwise been beyond my means - more by 'approved access' than through dollar costs.

Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of deceased veterans. Today Legacy's caring and compassionate service assists over 100,000 widows and 1900 children and dependants with a disability. Legacy is a voluntary organisation supported by veterans, servicemen and women, and volunteers drawn from all walks of life. Our support and services now extend to include the dependants of members of today's Australian Defence Force who lose their lives as a result of their military service.


Gill - That British Woman said...

never heard of him.....will keep a look out for it on our History channel.

Gill in Canada

John Gray said...

just caught up with your informative posts!!!
as for not washing!!! you are a tough aussie
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