Friday, December 3, 2010

Why we like living in Yass

The population of Sydney on December 2nd 2010 is approximately 4,514,357 within an area of 2058/ It is about 291 klms by road, a journey that takes approximately 3 hours and 13 minutes along a four lane divided highway.
Sydney has a population density of around 2,200 persons/

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, a diverse and multicultural city and has a projected population of 4,062,290 by 2011 for an area of 8833/ Melbourne is about 602kms by road, a journey that takes approximately 6 hours and 54 minutes, again (mostly) along a four lane divided highway.
Melbourne has a population density of around 460 persons/

Sydney to Melbourne is linked by the Hume Highway, of which Yass is the first significant stop on the way south. Yass is a town in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, in Yass Valley Shire. The name appears to have been derived from an Aboriginal word, "Yarrh" (or "Yharr"), said to mean 'running water'. Yass is located about 280 km southwest of Sydney, on the Hume Highway. The Yass River, which is a tributary of the Murrumbidgee River, flows past the town. Yass is 56 km from Canberra.

The Yass area was first seen by Europeans in 1821, (an expedition led by Hamilton Hume) and by 1830 settlement had begun. It was founded where the nascent Sydney to Melbourne road crossed water in the form of the Yass River. The Yass local government area has a population of 13,135 and comprises the town of Yass and Villages of Binalong, Bookham, Bowning, Gundaroo, Murrumbateman, Sutton and Yass.
The Yass area covers 3,298sq.kms giving a population density of around 4 persons/km2.

Corner of Comur, Laidlaw and Rossi Streets, looking up the main street towards the PO clock tower (complete with a real bell chime that chimes the hours and half hours from 6am to 8pm)

Hume Bridge over the Yass river and Riverbank Park

A view of the countryside in the Yass area

Hamilton Hume returned to Yass area and purchased
"Cooma Cottage" where he lived with his wife until his death in 1873.

Yass Valley LGA has earned a reputation as the "Fine Wool Capital of the World" and the development of Yass Valley LGA stemmed from its strong agricultural base.

Its a no-brainer, really!  Despite the drawbacks of no public transport, no gay cosmopolitan lifestyle, no fine dining, wining and entertainment facilities, what we lose on the merry-go-round we pick up on the slippery dip with a nice quite town, no overcrowding, smog-free air and you can walk up the shops and almost all you meet will say hello to you, if not call you by your first name. Yass has a thriving arts and crafts industry and tourism is well supported by a prominent Visitors Information Centre.

The Yass/Murrumbateman region is famous for its 'cold climate wines'. Helm Wines is an owner operated family winery located in the Canberra District. The winery was given a 5 star rating by James Halliday in 2009, and is well known for producing award-winning Rieslings and Cabernet Sauvignons. Helm Wines is one of about 40 boutique cool climate Canberra wineries (established in 1973), one of the first commercial wineries in the Canberra District Wine Region.

Helm Wines is fortunate enough to be frequented by many wildlife visitors as well as the human ones! Regular visitors include Winston the Echidna, Wagner the Kookaburra and Amadeus the Wallaby.

Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG an Australian-born American media magnate and the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of News Corporation owns the Cavan Property outside of Yass. Obtaining images of this property can be very difficult as Murdoch guards his privacy very closely and security is high, however, this is the country that forms part of the property:

and here is an image of inside the homestead:

The comfortable Spanish-style house is large
enough for all of Rupert Murdoch's children
and their children at one time.