Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Christmas song

Rhonda and I stayed at a motel last night and went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant - very nice place! This morning I took her to breakfast at the Liberty Cafe, where I often had breakfast when I was working up this way by myself and unable to get home. She ordered 'Bacon and Eggs'.

I said "Are you sure?" She said "Yes!" So I said "OK!  I'll have the same!"

When Con bought over to our breakfast she was gobsmacked! Three slices of toast, two fried eggs, 3 full rashers of bacon and a great pile of chips - served on those large diner lunch plates that could double for manhole covers. He also bought her a pot of black coffee and a pot of extra strong tea for myself.

I said to Rhonda - "Arn't you pleased you didn't order the sausages as well!" She just looked at me all stunned like.

We've had 178mm of rain in 5 days - over 7 inches in non-metric scale - we went for a walk after having breakfast (Rhonda needed to 'walk it off') and I took some photos of the Yass River running a 'banker'. I'll post those in another post later!

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Sharon said...

I have often wondered why they fill your plate so full - I always end up with a doggy bag for my doggies! Guess that's why I like the places where you fill your own plate. Does sound good right now though :-)

That's some big rain!