Friday, December 24, 2010

What the rains can do ...

We took our usual route up to "The Camp", however, we were forced to make a lengthy detour of about 60kms 'cos the road approaches to a (wooden) bridge were were washed out and the way was impassable. I couldn't get some photos of this storm damage but later came across more damage at a culvert causeway which, quite fortunately, caused us no interuptions to our journey.

I thought you may like to see what happens to a stream in a gully that turns into a raging torrent when you get a lot of water in a short time. Keep in mind that this causeway had recently been improved and reinforced.

This particular causeway and a wooden bridge just 100 metres downstream of it effectively cut this town in two, with most of the residents on one side and the Country Club - the only drinking hole within 25kms radius - on the other side. That's it, the building you see, in the background. Now that's serious out here!

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Ferris Jay said...

Wow - the power of nature never ceases to amaze me.
Pity it can be so damaging though.