Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another day, more rain

Rain continues to dominate our eastern weather region with Flash Flooding hitting Gympie in Queensland - just watched the early morning news footage and its pretty horrendous.

I'm about to head off to Canberra to have my "Zimmer MRI" done on my right knee in preparation for my knee replacement on 22nd march. This MRI gets sent electronically to the US  where technicians build a 3D model of my actual knee, choose the appropriate type and size of implant and super-impose that on to the imaging, showing my surgeon exactly the correct size of implant and its optimum alignment.  He will be able to see all this on a screen in the operating room as he does the knee replacement.


Sharon said...

Isn't technology wonderful! I imagine you are getting quite excited about getting that fixed!

Sorry about all your rain, I imagine the humidity is up as well and mold and mildew is becoming a problem, which can cause sinus and breathing problems. You guys are really catching a big mess there!

Tiggeriffic said...

I have had a knee replacement.. The only advice I have for you is ~ do your excercises that they tell you to do and never stop.. Keep doing them. Someone that I know had great motion in her knee and then she quit doing the excercises and lost a lot of it.
You won't believe when you are fully recovered how much better you will feel.. You will finally be able to walk...without pain..
ta ta for now from Iowa

LindaG said...

I am really sorry to hear it is still raining there. I will continue to pray for all involved.

And good luck with your knee surgery!
My husband is going to be needing that surgery, but we keep putting it off as we're not real trusting of the doctors near where we live now.

Ferris Jay said...

Gosh, the weather really has been severe for you this season. I really hope it settles down soon.

Good luck with your MRI scan, its amazing the technology available these days. Sounds like you knee will be in well informed hands in March.