Monday, January 10, 2011

Further clarifications on Aussie terminologies.

Seems like I need to provide a few more clarifications!

VB” – A brew of beer popular with the working class, has a high alcohol content (4.5%/100mls) :

HSV – Holden Special Vehicle, a General Motors Holden “Commodore” – the king of the road! The “burnout champion":

Ashmore Reef – Usual first landfall for illegal immigrants coming by boat from Asia and trying to seek refuge in Australia as asylum seekers.


Sharon said...

Are they going to allow the asylum seekers stay or send them back?

JohnD said...

Many eventually are allowed to stay, some get sent back (for various reasons) others go home on their own accord.

LindaG said...

Thanks for all the terminologies! I love learning about what you're actually saying, haha.
Hope the Queenslanders are starting to dry out. Haven't heard a lot on the TV lately.

John Gray said...

I will be talking "aussie" like a native soon me old cobber!
ps whats a cobber?

JohnD said...

Cobber is an old term - not used much these days - Australian and NZ informal a friend; mate: used as a term of address to males
[from dialect cob - to take a liking to someone]
'Mate' is more commonly used these days, mainly 'cos (I believe) the phonetics and inflections placed on it in its use can have wider applications and meanings.