Monday, January 10, 2011

A Queenslander's definition of "Weather"

From a friend up north who has been unending rain since well before Christmas.

Based on the current conditions north of the Tweed, the following definitions have been revised and updated:

Shower: Less than 50mm of rain in an hour

Occasional showers: Less than 200mm in a day

Rain periods: 200mm to 300mm in a day

Storm: More than 200mm of rain in an hour. Something that happens on average about twice a day

A bit wet: The water hasn't reached the door sills of a Land Cruiser yet

Wet: The bonnett of a Land Cruiser is out of the water

Very Wet: The only part of a Land Cruiser out of the water is the tip of the snorkel.

Sunshine: A myth perpetuated by them blow-ins from down south. Really, who believes that there's a burning ball of gas up in the sky that makes light?
Oh!  This is an example of an off-road, all-terrain, Land Cruiser:

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