Friday, January 7, 2011

Why is it ....?

Why is it that when you go away for a break to a place that is 'family centred' for fun that there will always be 95% of people who enjoy themselves and do the right thing and 5% arrogant and/or ignorant persons who will ignore the established protocols of behaviour and be intent of spoiling the experience for everyone else.

We just spent four days at "The Camp" which was full of campers and caravaners enjoying the Christmas/New Year break. On arrival, one bogan towing his humongous stiletto-shaped ski-boat to the boat ramp got upset 'cos we did not pull off the road to let him through - he turned up at our camp and this brave young man wanted to fight me. I listened to his complaint, told him I had grown out of the urge to fight people 50 years ago and to have a Happy New Year and now Piss Off!

Then there is the question of dogs. This is one of the few State parks in NSW where you can take the family pooch along for a holiday as well - rule is "Dogs must be on a leash at ALL times!" Mind you, as a 'leaseholder' who visits regularly in the off-season when there are almost no other residents around, we let Denny off the leash in an open area and allow him to go ballistic for five minutes. But it is "Fair enough" in peak holiday times. Denny-the-Dog enjoys our company even if it means being secured on a leash (at least he gets his own futon to loll about on while watching the passing parade!) But .... there is always one! One who ignores the leash law and allows their pooch to roam-at-large 24/7 thus stirring up campsite groups and setting all other resident dogs off in territorial barking warnings.

Then there's the 'Curfew Rule'. All noise to subside at 10pm and no noise from campsites after 12pm. Why do I always draw two adult-aged bogongs who want to sit up until 2.30am drinking and talking loudly .

We are booked to return later this month with our two grandsoons who we get to see (on average) twice a year. I hope we have better luck this time.

My Nikon tells me I have 52 images stored (and I've already culled three times as many and deleted them) so in the next few days - seeing as how Rhonda works the Older Persons mental Health Unit for the next 6 days - I'll download the 52 and post a selection of Australians enjoying 35C holiday season heat, swimming, fishing, bushwalking and water-ski-ing!

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