Sunday, March 13, 2011

Images from Japan

Tsunami rushes towards coastal Japan

Tsunami engulfs Natori

Rushing wall of water engulfs coastal Japan

Whirlpool seen off Orai city

Water inundates Miyagi post tsunami
(There are reports that 10,000 of the 17,500 residents in Miyagi are "missing")

Aeroplanes lie in tsunami debris at Sendai Airport

Residents watch tsunami wreak havoc

People are rescued from tsunami-destroyed buildings

Houses and cars swept out to sea in Kesennuma city

Burning houses swept away in tsunami

Cars hang from a collapsed road at Yabuki

Road collapsed after earthquake in Japan

Quake wreaks havoc on Tokyo traffic

Sendai Airport swamped by tsunami
Images from Australian Broadcasting Commission - on-line news

"Around 10,000 people are unaccounted for in the Japanese port town of Minamisanriku in quake-hit Miyagi prefecture, public broadcaster NHK said. The 8.9-magnitude quake hit Japan on Friday, triggering a wall of water up to 10 metres tall to surge inland.

Japan's prime minister, Naoto Kan, has labelled the quake and tsunami an "unprecedented national disaster", and the full devastation is only just beginning to emerge.

NHK says the 10,000 missing people make up more than half of the population of roughly 17,000 in the town on the Pacific coast. Local authorities are trying to find their whereabouts with the help of Self Defence Forces.

Authorities have so far confirmed that around 7,500 people in the town were evacuated to 25 shelters after Friday's quake, but they have been unable to contact the other 10,000, NHK said." 10,000 missing in Japan port town


Sharon said...

So many people, it's just gut wrenching. I fear this is not the end to all the quakes, floods, fires and devastation that is in store for our planet.

JohnD said...

I think you are right, Sharon. When we make a mess of the environment old "Mother Nature" will give us a real kick in the guts!

Valerie said...

I fear that Sharon is right, there's more to come. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this tragedy.

LindaG said...

All to set to right what we mess up.
Or just because 'she' can.
It is scary, and makes you wonder about the predictions for 2012..

Hope you have a safe week, John.

John Gray said...

initially , I think we all thought that the destruction was confined to property...

how wrong we all were

so very sad

Jo said...

Amazing images. I haven't seen tv as we have been down to Melb and back in the car since Fri morning
The loss of life is hard to comprehend ......

Jim said...

I guess the 'key' is to accept the fact the 'Mother Nature' is the boss!