Friday, March 11, 2011

My dear friend, 'Neen ....

Neen is my lovely friend whom I've known for many decades. A little English-born lady 'brought up proper', so to speak, the daughter of a military father and a lovely little old English mother, the epitome of an English lady.

Her Dad, 'The Colonel', had been going through the aging process and slowly deteriorating with Alzheimer's Disease, to a point where placing him in a Nursing Home was required as the family, particularly Neen's aging mother, could not manage him at home - despite heaps of support. Neen's little old Mum remained steadfastly independent, remaining in the family home with family and local community support.

The Colonel's condition worsened early this week and he was hospitalised at Calvary. 'Neen sent me an email to say he was on IV antibiotics and IV morphine. Rhonda and I both recognised that his time was near. He died on Wednesday morning, peacefully.

We are now engaged in propping 'Neen up as supporting friends. It has fallen back on to 'Neen to make all the final arrangements as she has been the principal family carer through all of this.

There will be a service at the crematorium next Wednesday - a Salvation Army and Returned Soldier's League farewell - simple but dignified as her father would have expected. I will be there to give 'Neen a shoulder to cry on (if she needs it!)


Sharon said...

This is a hard job for your friend, I have done it, alone (for my brother) and it is a heart wrenching task. It's good that she has your shoulder, if she wants it. My sympathies to your friend.

Jim said...

She is lucky to have you there for support John. That's what friends are for.Take care.

JohnD said...

Thank you for your kind words. It's events like this that serve as a timely reminder of our own mortality and that we are merely temporary residents on this earth!

Your support is appreciated - I'm a real teary 'Tragic Aunt' when I see friends and family members in grief.

John Gray said...

look after yourself john
I think people dont really understand what it is like to lose a close friend

Ferris Jay said...

Ah John - I'm glad for Neen that you are a shoulder and support for her when she needs it.

Such support is so valuable.

Do make sure to look after yourself too - shed tears if you need to .. and lean on a shoulder too if you need it.

Take care, X Ferris

Gill - That British Woman said...

she is lucky to have such good friends as you both.

Being British with that stiff upper lip and all that, we still do need a shoulder to cry on every now and then though......

Gill in Canada