Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back from physiotherapy

And I'm exhausted. Time for a cup of tea and a rest in my easy chair.

Now 4 weeks post-operation today.
1. Pee'd myself getting off the exercise bike - just a few drops of bladder stress release but soooooo embarrassing!

2. Tore a bit of skin off my good shin from which bled like a stuck pig - lucky I hadn't given myself my injection of 'blood thinner' (Clexane) before I went.

1. Made those pedals on the exercise bike do the full 360 degrees and then pedalled it for 2 minutes - Hooray!

2. Managed to get my knee flexion finally past the 90 degree mark and just under 100 degrees - another Hooray!

Now, where's that cuppa tea!
An hour later - I've had my cuppa and some brekkie, dozed in front of the TV for 15 minutes - I feel much better and I do notice the improvement in the range of movement in my new knee joint!


LindaG said...

That's really good news to hear, John!

Janet said...

Brilliant ! keep at it-but don`t overdo it x

Jim said...

Just a little at a time.....amazing how tea can help make things so much better! Reminds me.....