Sunday, April 3, 2011

DVD TV Series gift sets

We received a gift coupon promoting a DVD mail order sales  company. We are regular 'on-line' shoppers and this was one groups new move into the entertainment area. It was a 'loyalty' award. We looked through the catalogue and saw that much of its content was older movies and old TV series. After perusing the catalogue over afternoon tea, Rhonda said I could choose what we got.  My first choice was "The Equalizer" - a five disc set of the series of that name from the 1980's. I'm a real Edward Woodward fan and liked his acting style and this series earned him 1986 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Drama Actor .

The Equalizer is an American television series that ran for four seasons, initially on CBS, between 1985 and 1989. It starred Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, an aging New York vigilante with a mysterious past. The show mixed ingredients from popular spy films and private investigator shows with violent realism. We've watched the 'pilot' episode and the first episode so far. Its old, it is a bit 'corney' but at least it has some entertaining intrigue and every second word is not the "F" word.

Keith Szarabajka, a notable "voice actor" for "Talking Books" plays McCall's offsider, Mickey Kostmayer, a much younger agent who was more or less permanently lent to him by 'Control', represented by Robert Lansing, McCall's former boss from his mystery past. 

We also received a six disc complete set of the series "To Serve Them All My Days" based on R F Delderfield's 1972 novel of the same name.

To Serve Them All My Days is a British television adaptation of the 1972 novel To Serve Them All My Days by R. F. Delderfield. 13 episodes 50 minute in length were first shown by the BBC in 1980 and 1981.

As in the novel, the protagonist is David Powlett-Jones (John Duttine), a coal miner's son from South Wales, who has risen from the ranks and been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in World War I. In 1918, after being injured and shell-shocked, he is hired to teach History at Bamfylde School, a fictional public school in North Devon, in the southwest of England, where he wins the respect and acclaim of colleagues and students. He serves under headmaster Algy Herries (Frank Middlemass), forms a friendship with Ian Howarth (Alan MacNaughton), engages in a rivalry with Carter (Neil Stacy), and marries Beth (Belinda Lang).

This is one series I'll take up to "The Camp" with us and save for those cold, blustery, winter's nights with the gas fire going, a nice bottle of a thick red wine and some 'nibbles' to munch on.

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Sharon said...

Ah yes, I do remember The Equalizer! Great show! The other one - foreign to me (hee hee). Nice to get a gift every now and then! :-)