Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surgeons, bureaucrats and flu shots.

Well, things seem to be moving slow, very slow - maybe I'm just being impatient! Rhonda took a days of 'Carers leave' today and drove me over to Canberra, about 1 hour each way, to the surgeons clinic where I had the staples out today – all 25 of them – but between the trip itself, the walk to and from where we had to park the car in an adjacent car park and then later, a quick whirl around Woollies my knee is now swollen as tight as a drum!

We received word that we have to go up to Wyangala to "The Camp" on Wednesday – protect a ‘tradie’ installing some hand rails around the pergola/verandah area from an ‘over-zealous park management. The latter are getting more and more 'stroppy' (sic: "bolshie") at any proposed changes residents want to make. The rails are under our own roof line, for crying out loud, and its not as tho we were adding an extension room or anything. We'll stay overnight and come back on Thursday.

I have my flu shots and a physio session on Thursday afternoon, so I’m not expecting an exciting weekend! I've had my flu shots for the past 6 years and managed to avoid an serious flu problems ('touch wood') but this year the GP's clinic is offering the vaccinations earlier and has written to all "At risk" patients on their books telling us that a bad outbreak has already commenced overseas and is making its way to Australia, so all 65+ patients, especially those with respiratory co-morbidities, are being encouraged to get their shots early and build up some resistance before winter hits. Flu shots always leave me with a mild case of the 'dreaded lurgy' for about 24 - 48 hours afterwards and usually I crash in my bed for a day or so.


LindaG said...

Here, they're 'covenant' neighborhoods, or associations, and they can actually tell you what you can and can't do on your own property.
Very annoying.
I hope you are able to get your railing without too much trouble.
Take care and keep getting better. Well, after you get your flu shot, anyway. ♥

JohnD said...

Thanks Linda - it's just a matter of being there, as the leaseholder, and drawing managements' 'flak' away from the 'tradie' so he can get on with his job. I put in a written application 6 months ago and they haven't even bothered to acknowledge it, so I'm going ahead!

As for the flu - I've always got a 'mini-dose' after my shots. Lasts about a day, so a good excuse for a 'bed-rest' day! LOL!