Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 things about myself that other bloggers may not know about me.

Hi Jim,  I'll take up your challenge from a  A few things :

1. I was stupid once and had a couple of light beers and got 'done' for DUI - most embarrassing process I've ever been through and do not recommend it to anyone who thinks that they are 'under the limit' after a couple of drinks.

2. If I had my time over again , two things I'd do - firstly, not marry my first wife and, secondly, get an engineering degree.

3. Not waste so much time with my life and get more serious about serious study!

4. I absolutely adore seafood - any kind, any time - as long as its fresh, well cooked and well presented.

5. Wine is the nectar of the gods - good wines compliment all good meals and good friends.

6. I am intolerant - only my true and loyal friends tolerate my lack of tolerance towards fools!

7. Kids are precious and need nurturing in the right way to live, learn and grow!


Sharon said...

I really can relate to 2., we really are stupid when we are young......

LindaG said...

I love seafood, too!
Sadly, I have come to realize that only with years and experience, do you realize how much time you may have wasted.

Have a great Wednesday, John. :)