Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I smell a rat!

Victoria Police officers got a nasty surprise when they opened the bonnet of a car in western Victoria last week. The officers were taking part in a vehicle safety testing course and pulled over a car that appeared to be unroadworthy. The front bumper was held on with duct tape.

The officers inspected the bumper and then lifted the bonnet and was shocked to see two rats jump out. Police managed to grab another rat by the tail and three more scurried back out of sight. They had made a nest under the bonnet which was littered with grass and weeds.

The news got worse for the owner, when police found his rear tyre was worn down to the steel belts. The tyre was changed on the spot and the man from Stawell was given seven days to fix the other problems with the car. Leading Senior Constable Mark Wood, who runs the testing course says he has seen a lot of cars in different conditions but this one was a first.

The name of the town where the vehicle safety roadside testing inspection had been set up was Ararat!

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