Friday, July 22, 2011

Laid low with a cold!

Have this filthy rotten upper respiratory tract infection that has knocked me for a six!

Have some images to put up from my trek along the Yass River - will do this later today or tomorrow, whenever I'm feeling better.

In the meantime, I am her and I am reading all your blogs, coughing and sneezing all over them with a tap nose, so if your pc gets a virus, or worse, even yourselves, blame me as the vector! Geeez - wouldn't I be famous to e-spread the biggeest pandemic Flu  outbreak since the Spanish Flu in 1918! LOL!


Sharon said...

Sorry, I do hope you didn't get it from me! :-) I am still coughing and spewing unmentionable things, but I do feel some better, so there is hope for you too!

Feel better soon!

JohnD said...

Narhhh! The way I'm whinging, Rhonda tells me its definitely a male bug! LOL!

LindaG said...

Oh gosh John. I do hope you feel better soon!

JohnD said...

I feel bloody awful! Sipping "Lem-Sip", taking decongestant - clagged up airways, wheezing away like a geriatric on a Tour de France hill climb!