Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yass River Walk

Last week, during a break in our foul cold and windy weather, we had a nice day so i took Denny and we went for a stroll along one of the walking trails up the Yass River.

Below the Anglican Church:

And down to the river:

Up across the vehicular causeway to the upper pond:

Following the stream:

Past where the waterhens forage:

To the beginning of the bluff:

Round the riverbend to and past the bluff:

Back away from the bluff:

Return past the waterhen pond:

And back down to where we started:


Sharon said...

Nice walk! I am always surprised to see so much green in your winter! Lovely scapes!

I do hope you are feeling better by now!

LindaG said...

What wonderful scenery for a walk.
Hope you're feeling better today!

John Gray said...

its interesting jon but your countryside looks so alien to me ( not in a bad way)

JohnD said...

Its all that sun and blue sky that confuses you, JohnG LOL!