Saturday, July 9, 2011

Snow, long drive, cold and tiredness!

More than 15,000 snow lovers braved daytime ambient temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees to enjoy the best July falls for 20 years. Cover is almost 160cm across the two biggest ski fields in NSW and a combination of school holidays, sun and snow has seen holidaymakers flock to the alpine region.

Meanwhile, a highway tragedy on the road to the snow field created chaos. A collision between a truck and a sedan on the Monaro Highway yesterday afternoon left one young man dead and stranded thousands of motorists headed for the ski fields. NSW police closed both lanes of the highway at the height of the school holiday snow season backing up traffic for about 4km in both directions.

EMERGENCY: Ambulance and police crews attend the
Monaro Highway crash scene yesterday as cars headed
for the Snowy Mountains bank up

GRIDLOCK: School holiday motorists
were resigned to a long wait near Bredbo.


Photographs and reports courtesy of The Canberra Times Link = Not a snowflakes chance of keeping warm


Sharon said...

Bleep! That's a lot of snow!

LindaG said...

Wow. I feel for the motorists and the family.
Did you have an ice storm? Looks like icy snow.

Maria said...

And here in Nebraska, we are sweltering in the heat. Isn't this just an interesting world?

JohnD said...

We've had alpine blizzards and severe weather events for the past week. Yesterday was freezing and bitterly cold. The dead driver was a youth, a "P" plate driver, alone, who drifted across the road into and oncoming semi-trailer. Police believe he may have fell asleep at the wheel and the accident occurred despite the truck driver taking evasive action.

LindaG said...

I feel for the truck driver, too. Not a good day for anyone.

Crazy weather.

Have you been able to get out, other than your volunteer driving? (At least that got you out for a bit. :)

JohnD said...

Not much - hope to get to the Garden centre today and lay in a few supplies -we are going up to 'The Camp' and staying overnight for two nights at the end of this week. Must walk Denny down to the river pond today and feed the ducks some stale bread!

LindaG said...

That sounds like a great time, feeding ducks. :)
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! :)