Saturday, July 9, 2011

Volunteer work

On Friday I took an elderly couple to the Canberra Eye Hospital. He was one week post-cataract removal and was going for a follow-up visit. He wanted to sit in the front seat alongside me - Uh! Oh! - Yep!, He would've talked the leg of an iron pot. His lovely lady wife sat in the back and slept all the way over and all the way back - at least she appeared to be asleep. I think it was one opportunity for to be with him but not engaged with him in his total reminiscences of his whole life! LOL! I was trapped with no escape. Oh well, at least I had a quiet hour to read the morning paper over a cup of coffee while I waited for them.

YVCHLSS (Yass Valley Council Home Living Support Services) has four vehicles - two Toyota Camrys, a Ford station wagon and a small Toyota Hi-Ace bus for community trips. I drove one of the Camrys - a nice but very plain vehicle, a no-frills government contract purchase vehicle - but has cruise control on an automatic gearbox. All the vehicles are well maintained and this one had 70,000klms on the clock.

This is the entrance to the building that houses the eye hospital:

The consulting room and surgery are located on the southernmost wing.

The return trip is about 165klms. I was up at 5.45 to shower and dress and have some breakfast. Got the car out of the compound at 7am (picked up the keys and running sheet the previous afternoon) and picked the couple up at 7.15am for an 8.45am appointment. The specialist was delayed by heavy fog and traffic, so it was a long morning but we eventually arrived home and I had the car back at the YVCHLSS at 11.15am.

The YVCHLSS is located in the now defunct Yarrowlumla Shire Offices building, just up the road from my place.

The above photograph was taken last summer.

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LindaG said...

You did the wife a BIG favor. ;)
Thanks for the pictures!