Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cold improving - busy week!

My cold is improving, the antibiotics are doing their job, pity it got down into my chest and left me with a hacking cough (Gosh! my sore ribs!) and a mild dose of bronchitis - which I haven't had since I stopped smoking 30 years ago!

Have two 'drives' for HLSS - they've been all over the place with appointment and passenger changes - but I'm off over to Canberra this morning to take a lady to the Hearing mob and tomorrow I have to take a gentleman over to Quenbeyan Hospital to the dentist. Haven't been to Qbn Hospital since they renovated it, however, I'm told he knows where he's going as he's been to the dentists over there on several occasions.

Rhonda is recovering from her cold - its a terrible chest virus that's doing the rounds, half the town has coughs - and is back at work today. She works today, Friday and the weekend then we are off to "The Camp" for 4 days R and R in the bucolic, smog free, countryside beside the lake!

Tootle loo! Pip Pip!

Just arrived back from Canberra - 4 hour round trip. Some bloke had the temerity to be found dead outside a block of flats on Northbourne Avenue (main drag) so police closed Northbourne and turned it into a 3 klm x 3 lane car park. At two intersections, impatient motorists trying to dodge around it were involved in multiple vehicle accidents, blocking two by-pass intersections! Lovely!


John Gray said...

chin up
you cant possibly catch anything else

Sharon said...

Glad you are finally kicking that cold. That coughing can really wear a person out. Tell Rhonda I'm glad she is recovering, as well.

I hope your "drives" are better than boring!

LindaG said...

Glad to hear you are both recovering. Enjoy your Camp! It's bound to be good for 'what ails you'.