Friday, August 5, 2011

Mobile car park!

Police are treating the death as a homicide
and kept Northbourne Avenue closed
to all southbound traffic until about 3.15pm

I was sitting in gridlock on Northnourne Ave yesterday morning - three klms of three lane car park - someone had found a dead body outside some flats near Ipima Street and the police had closed Northbourne Avenue in peak time. Had this sweet little ol deaf lady in the car - was taking her to hearing aid people. She kept asking "What's the hold up?" "Why arn't we moving?" "This ACT traffic is terrible, isn't it?" - Already told her three times what was up! So had to get out of the car for a break.

Got out to stretch my legs with a group nearby then I run into whinging Mini, her in the skirt up round her bum and knee high boots, puffing on a fag! This woman was complaining about the inconvenience. I told her that she was in a better state than the stiff who'd caused it all.

At least the tree cutters from ACTEWAGL suspended their median strip activities near the ABC radio studios corner. I don't think they could get onto the tarmac to block the laneway adjacent to the median strip 'cos it was already 'chockers'. Would probably been lynched if they tried, such was the mood of the drivers stuck in gridlock.

Laughed at the cars that kept 'zig-zagging' and lane changing! You idiots - it was the same in all three lanes!

We eventually made it to a detour route and had a quick run to the edge of the city and our destination – only 15 minutes late. After her appointment was over the little old dear told me “I was the only one in there!” – Sure thing, love – all the rest are still stuck in traffic out on Northbourne! LOL!


Sharon said...

Sorry for the one that was deceased, but it is a rather funny story!

John Gray said...

sounds like a miss marple scene

JohnD said...

I tried to tell it as it happened - I guess being there made a difference.

Announced this morning on the news that the deceased was a male, Asian, between 20 and 40 years with blunt force head injuries. Police are seeking assistance from anyone who may have known or seen him yesterday!

LindaG said...

People here do the same thing when there's an accident. Always jockeying to get a better position when it's the same for everyone.
Glad you and your passenger were okay if a little inconvenienced.