Saturday, September 10, 2011

Painting ……

I hate painting!

I guess I’ve never had the patience to be a good painter. Take the last two days up at “The Camp”. We had all the steelwork from the new patio enclosure to paint and the old steelwork, gutters and drains were looking chipped and tired and in need of a ‘refresh’. So, seeing as to how we had three lovely spring days we decided to get the first coat on the undercoated new steel.

Here are a few comparisons in style – ability!

1. I have to work hard to get paint to apply – no deft touch here, I almost have to rub it onto the surface. Rhonda’s brush glides over the surface like silk leaving a complete application in a single stroke.

2. After half an hour my new paint brush looks like my old grandfather’s bristly beard. Rhonda can wear a brush down to a stubble with not a bristle out of place.

3. No matter how careful I am to not overload my brush I always manage to get a splatter of paint that will travel metres. Rhonda hardly ever gets the merest of a ‘flick’.

4. Paint runs – I could get paint to run off a table top. Rhonda can apply a smooth surface to a vertical sheet of flat steel that looks like it was ‘powder coated’ when done.

5. I use a ‘drop cloth’, of course, however, you can always pick where I’ve been working by the trail of drops all round. Rhonda is to miserly to consider spilling a single drop!

6. I need a two can supply of paint to Rhonda’s single can!

7. Rhonda can paint with ease in any position. I work best at waist height. Anything over or under that, for me, is an effort.

I think I’ll hang onto her – you never know when a good painter will be required!


John Gray said...

that first photo
are you sure you are not pissed john after too many fosters?

LindaG said...

You're a lucky man, John. Me now, I paint just like you! ;)

Sharon said...

Not sure if my last comment made it or not.....

Yep, I believe Rhonda is a keeper!

JohnD said...

Errr! JohnG - That's Rhonda. If I were to lay on the ground it would take me a half hour to get upright again! LOL!

ps - Fosters is a terrible beer - I prefer a quality drink, like James Squire's Amber Ale. Check their website!