Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Recycling Grand Prix

Tuesday morning and it’s recycling collection week.

Aaaah! You cannot beat the skills of our local waste collectors who believe their gargantuan vehicles are designed as something that should be used in NASCAR races – mind you, those side loader arms have not yet actually thrown a bin over the top of the truck but, give them time, they will get it right one day.

A street full of green and yellow soldiers spaced 20 metres apart – it can only mean two things, firstly accelerate from a standing start full pedal to the metal and then a precision stop opposite the bin. Secondly, grab same bin and toss the contents into the hopper like some mad chick downing your Bourbon shots (remember to hold on to that bin boys – we don’t want to scare the natives with Sulo bins hurtling over the truck into on-coming traffic) and then slam it down on the pavement (object is to see how many you can leave not standing).

Then …. Repeat the process with another rapid 20 metre dash.

Fun stuff at 7am!



Sharon said...

I guess I have it pretty nice, the garbage can is right outside the garage. The garbage man goes through the neighbor's drive and stops right out side my door, gets the trash and continues down the driveway to the road. It drives Jack and Jill nuts!

LindaG said...

Gosh, John. They do the same thing here with the trash cans. Been more than once I have found mine in the ditch...

Happy Tuesday to you, since I'm up early. :)