Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super Cell Storm

ABC News Report on Melbourne storm

A super cell storm coming up out of the Antartic hitn Melbourne yesterday afternoon dumped more rain on the city than in any September day for almost three decades. A total of 43 millimetres was dumped on city in the late afternoon, making it the month's wettest day since September 1984.

The storms caused disruption to air traffic and public transport, and left tens of thousands of homes without power. The front forced the cancellation of some flights at Melbourne Airport, but the backlog is expected to clear this morning.

At home we got thunderstorms during the night and 11mms (half an inch) of rain. Rhonda was on a 'back-toback' shift at the hospital so she was staying overnight in quarters. I heard Denny creep into our bedroom about 11pm and woke this morning to find him curled up on our bed beside me!  ...... Sook!

Storm activity can be viewed: Here.


John Gray said...

john, I have said this before to you, but this weather we are all having is quite bizarre ( 72 degrees here in a welsh autumn!!!)

Sharon said...

Yep, we get Jill once in a while too, Jack has become permanent resident - on our bed.

Sounds like a good bit of weather!

Maria said...

Holy cow...

LindaG said...

Where was the rain when you had the fires...
I agree with John. We're all having some crazy weather.
We have a cat that hides under our bed during thunderstorms.
Our cats take over our beds at night. (Only 2, and a good bit smaller than Denny. )