Friday, September 30, 2011

Mysterious animal appearances

After reading JohnG's contribution on the mysterious appearance of 3 geese in his field, I thought some may get a chuckle out of this article:

Door-knocking goats lead police on chase

Updated September 30, 2011 00:49:54

Two wily goats have led Queensland police and residents on a merry chase through suburbia after knocking on the door of a local councillor. Paul Tully was at his electorate office at Goodna, in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, on Thursday morning when he went to investigate persistent knocking.

No, it was not a disgruntled constituent but two goats, curious at their own reflections, butting their horns against the glass front door. Then they took off, leading Mr Tully, police, locals and council officers on a farcical two-hour chase.

The pesky pair held up traffic in the main street with the ragtag band in hot pursuit.

"It was like a wild west chase with onlookers joining in across the suburb," Mr Tully said. "I got more exercise in two hours than I have in the past six months."

The goats were eventually herded into a private yard and captured by council officers. Their owner has surrendered the animals and they will be auctioned off to new owners by the Ipswich pound.

"Well the owner couldn't manage them, apparently they'd been out three times this week," Mr Tully said. "It was very busy traffic on the main street here in Goodna and once they start going to electorate offices and accountant offices and going through cars and on the main street they had to be moved on."


Goodna, was one of the Queensland towns devastated by floods last year and is still in the 'Recovery Phase"!


John Gray said...

I loved this!
if it happened her...I wouldn't be at all surprised!!!

Sharon said...

That is funny! It could be they become goat stew or BBQ if they keep going out and terrorizing the town! :-)

LindaG said...

Animal stories are (almost) always a good read. Thanks, John!