Monday, October 3, 2011

Now ....

Currently - 0.2C at 5.20am - we have commenced daylight saving period through to Autumn in the southeast of Australia and its back to 'the dark' in the mornings (for a short time).

We've had four seasons every day for the past week and never a day without cool breezes, rain and cold interspersed with periods of sunshine. The ground is quite moist and the river is running through the town pond at a gentle pace.

Spring is slowly exerting its presence as the trees go into bud swell and a flourish of greenery is appearing everywhere. The damp, cool, weather is amazing as some plants are blooming/sprouting that I have not seen for over a decade!

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LindaG said...

Wow. That is really great about the plants. I prefer cooler weather. It's easy to warm up. Hard to cool off.

But maybe that's just me, haha!