Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ghost emails

I was given to wondering this morning (as I deleted a host of 'promo' emails - mostly from differing commercial sources that I am "sometimes" interested in, so keep rather than 'spam filing' them away somewhere) just how many emails must there be out there, flying around the Ethernet and, I suppose, a great many of them going to the electronic equivalent of a 'dead letter post box'?

People change Internet providers (hence email addresses), abandon particular generic 'free' addresses - Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc - loose computers, move on and, p'raps, even die - yet these emails keep going out on their appointed rounds and never being open and read?

Oh well - it is a wet day and one must find something to occupy their mind on such occasions when home alone! LOL!


LindaG said...

Sunny here this weekend. Nice after last weekend's rain.

Jim said...

I call this 'Thinking out Loud'! John. I can't imagine how many are 'out there'! It's been wet here all day too with Hurricane Ophelia whipping by just south of us.