Thursday, November 3, 2011

Despicable and horrendous animal cruelty

Last night I was shown several videos that was secretly obtained at a Chinese Animal Fur Farm. These videos were obtained by representatives of the Swiss Animal Protection group working undercover in China.

I am NOT going to embed those videos on my blog. I will give one web address and you may go there and view those practices for yourself if you need to.

They are graphic and horribly cruel. I watched as two men skinned alive a fully grown Alsatian dog for its pelt and then simply discarded the still alive and screaming dog onto the ground.

I don't know what can be done about these inhumane and cruel practices but I would like to see something done to prevent them from occurring


Anonymous said...

I can't watch it, but send it to PETA. If any organization will try to publicize it, they will.


John Gray said...

although I hate these kind of practices.. to the Chinese its kind of normal.......
because of this acceptance , will it ever change?

Sharon said...

I just couldn't watch, just thinking of it made me ill.