Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rain! ......

Rain can cause a variety of emotions for many of us. Gentle rain can be sensual and romantic, making us feel calm and peaceful, or it can be terrifying in a storm bringing damage and loss to property and loved ones. Some people love falling asleep to the sound of rain, it can bring a feeling of comfort and the sense of being safe. Others like to walk in the rain, allowing them to feel refreshed and alive. For a kid, there’s nothing quite like jumping and splashing in puddles.
I have found that being stuck in a storm has brought me closer to the people I was with.

I love the rain, it seems to change the atmosphere around us, as though something’s “in the air” or something is going to change.

Movie producers often use rain to emphasis a scene for change. That kiss, the fight between good and evil, a death … you might notice it rains a lot during these climactic scenes in films. It’s a minutes worth of peaceful, soulful rain. It might be something good to watch and listen to when you are stressed or having a long day.

And towards the end of the footage, there looks like an eye carved into a tree, crying. Crying because it’s sad? Maybe it’s happy? Perhaps it’s interpretive?

How does the rain make you feel?

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Sharon said...

I actually like the rain - when it only happens a couple times a week, any more than that and it's bothersome. :-) I sleep like a babe when it rains and I can hear the pitter patter on our metal roof and the low growl of thunder, off in the distance.

No, John, had never heard about Colcannon, it does sound interesting though and probably very nice when the weather is really nasty out.