Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick trip to Sydney

We had to make a quick trip to Sydney - stayed at our favourite hotel, the Sheraton on the Park in Elizabeth street, opposite Hyde Park. It was a bit 'up-market' I s'pose but considering it was one night only, had secure parking on-site and was right next door to the business we had to attend to, it was worth it.

Sydney's weather cleared for 24 hours - they've had a terrible run of inclement weather - just long enough for our stay.

Some pictures.

View from the window alcove of our 'front-of-house' room overlooking Hyde Park.
You can see the gloomy sky that was present when we arrived in Sydney.

The spire/tower of St Mary's Cathedral across Hyde Park the
following day, framed by a beautiful blue sky.

The walkway from St James station, Elizabeth Street towards
the Archibald Fountain and St Mary's Cathedral in the background

The steps off  Elizabeth Street into Hyde Park

We had a very nice dinner in the Sheraton's Brasserie restaurant and I was prepared for the $AUS65/head charge for the 'all-you-can-eat' buffet, however, I shirked at $AUS28/head charge for dining room breakfast of buffet eggs and bacon. So we wandered out the Castlereagh Street entrance to the Sheraton and went across the road to Suncorp-Metway Building and found a nice little cafe where we had a very full hot breakfast for an economical $AUS8.50/head.

Castlereagh Street - Suncorp-Metway Building on the right adjacent the parked trucks.

Coffee lounge/Cafe for breakfast

As we ate our leisurely breakfast we were absolutely amazed to see the queues of workers lining up at the counter to get their morning containers of their favourite 'coffee-fix' and paying up to $AUS8.00 for the same.

Rhonda tells me that at her hospital the morning 'coffee run' to the canteen is a daily ritual, one she avoids as she only drinks weak black coffee and finds it cheaper to take her own little container of coffee granules.

As you may gather, I am not a coffee drinker. LOL!


cathy@home said...

I enjoy a mug of coffee, but I would never queue for it even if they were giving it away.

LindaG said...

Hyde Park is gorgeous! And the Cathedral is amazing.
Wonderful glimpse into a short trip. Isn't it amazing what people will pay for coffee? People do that here with Starbucks and I don't understand that, either.
Have a good evening, John.

Maria said...

You are missing out if you don't drink coffee. Coffee, when prepared properly, can take you to heaven.

Jim said...

Hi John, Sydney looks every bit like the beautiful city it is! Would LOVE to see it someday! Looks like you had a good stay.
I opened up a You Tube account a while back and I use 'it' on which to download/upload my video clips.....from there it is easy to place on blog post. Just a thought.