Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Tropfest winner

Tropfest is the world's largest short film festival. It has also quickly become known as the world's first truly global film festival.
Tropfest began in 1993 as a screening for 200 people in a cafe in Sydney but has since become the largest platform for short films in the world. Tropfest Australia takes place in February each year in front of a live audience of approximately 150,000. The main event takes place in Sydney but live satellite events are also staged n Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and other cities. The event is broadcast live on television and webcast to viewers around Australia and the world.
Each year, Tropfest requires that entries include a particular "signature item" or action to ensure that they are unique and are made specifically for the festival. In 2012, the TSI was  - Lightbulb.
Each entry is limited to eight minutes duration.
In previous years they were the following.
§                    2011 - Key
§                    2010 - Dice
§                    2009 - Spring
§                    2008 - The Number 8
§                    2007 - Sneeze
§                    2006 - Bubble
§                    2005 - Umbrella
§                    2004 - Hook
§                    2003 - Rock
§                    2002 - Match
§                    2001 - Horn
§                    2000 - Bug
§                    1999 - Chopsticks
§                    1998 - Kiss
§                    1997 - Gherkin
§                    1996 - Teaspoon
§                    1995 - Coffee Bean
§                    1994 - Muffin
Many Tropfest films can be found on Youtube’
This years winner was “LEMONADE STAND"

You may also want to search for one of my favourite episodes "Lucky".


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

well Done !!! I was totally impressed and entertained.

JohnD said...

There are some great short movies at Tropfest. Look at: which is "Lucky"

and: - 2012 Kids Finalist

JohnD said...

John Flaus, who plays 'Grandad' is a real character and an Australian icon in the Arts world. Read up about him at

cathy@home said...

I am going to have fun watching these or should I do my housework.

JohnD said...

Watch them Cathy - watch them! We got a complimentary DVD with the 22 'Judges Best' and the 8 finalists - compelling viewing and extremely clever - go search for more on Youtube!

Cro Magnon said...

Wonderful film. I particularly enjoyed the tin falling off the branch.... it's all about DETAIL.

Pearl said...

Silly and impressive. :-)


JohnD said...

Yes! That one was particularly well made. We spend our three days at the camp viewing all 20 Finalists - some were very good, some were imaginative and some macabre - but it showed that film artistry in Australia is alive and well.

JohnD said...

Yes! There are some other verygood ones - worth a Google search!