Friday, February 24, 2012

Day's nearly done!

Well, I put the rump steak on to marinade for tonight's BBQ dinner. Marinade is quarter cup of red wine, tablespoon of olive oil, tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and as much crushed garlic as you like. Pour it over the steak and turn frequently, ensuring you spoon the marinade over the top again on each turn.:

That done, I hooked up the trailer, full of garden waste, and off to the green waste recycling centre north of town:

Denny waits in the truck while I pay the $4.50 toll.

We were directed to the current 'drop-off area' - fortunately
we were the only customers so a trouble-free trailer reverse.

In she went and off it came!

 Then up to Robbo's garden centre to get some sandy loam.

Waiting for the front-end loader to come across to the stockpile.

Robbo's obviously anticipating a cold winter 'cos he's already
buying firewood off the local property owners - this guy is
unloading a trailer of wood onto the stockpile.

Home and unhook trailer and manually move it into position. Then, off again - newsagent's, Post Office mailbox (got my "Guest" pass for the Yass Agricultural Society Show and Rodeo - includes free vehicle parking access) and to the butchers to buy a couple of pork loin chops to take away with us to "The Camp". Then take Denny down the park for his 'run' - he's a bit handicapped at the moment, he's torn a hindfoot leading claw (toenail) but other than a limp he's not really bothered by it - I'll let it cure itself.

Home and start unloading the soil from the trailer.

Half emptied and I'm "pooped"!

Got 10 small barrow loads in the main 'hollow' - we used to have
an old wild plum tree there but the birds pulled all the fruit
off and dropped the seeds which sprouted all over the place,

I think I'll have a cold ale and lie down and wait for Rhonda to arrive home - might be able to get her to give me a hand unloading the rest!

I'm looking forward to that BBQ and a couple of cold light beers!


Jo said...

Hard work on a hot day! Garden looks nice...What is that smaller tree?

JohnD said...

That's a black olive tree - bought it at Irvine's nursery - there's another one to the left of it (facing) that is three times that size - Olives grow well here and they are 'in-fruit' now.

cathy@home said...

Nice to see Worcestershire sauce all over the world.I used to go past the factory going to work not the nicest smell to greet you in the morning but it didn't stop me having it on my bacon and egg banjo.

JohnD said...

I worked at a factory in South Sydney where it was made - that and baked beanz (you know who I meanz) and I lasted a week. My stomach could take no more and i could not stand beanz, tomato or Worcestershire sauce for decades after!

cathy@home said...

I didnt know it was made somewhere else I thought it was like Champagne, learn something new everyday.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

You certainly were a busy beaver this day, John. Appears like you had to wear off the calories from that virtual "loaded" omelette I would say? LOL Hope the weather is as nice for you up at your "Camp". We are to get a doozer of a storm today with up to 15 cm of snow *Crap* !!! and I have appointments out of town. Go figure ...
Good Day to you ... "Just Me"

JohnD said...

It's 11.00 pm here and its still 29C with a humidity of 47% - not a breath of air movement. I could not sleep so I got up and poured myself a stiff scotch. Yeah! I'm stiff and sore in every joint but Rhonda help me unload the soil from the trailer and spread it - looks good.

As per last week, we did not eat all our steak so it'll be thin sliced roast beef on toast for dinner tomorrow night.

I do not like snow - unless I am inside, beside a nice warm fire and looking out at it! lol!

LindaG said...

Hope you had a wonderful evening. Enjoy The Camp!