Friday, February 24, 2012

Off ya Rrrs, Darce!

OK - got things to do so I've got to get my bottom out of this chair and my head out of this screen.

Post Office to check mail, Newsagent for the local paper and pay out lotto subscription for next week, butchers - to get at least one dinner - walk Denny (he'll tag along on the other tasks).

Then home and hook up the trailer and take a load of green waste up to the recycling area and then on to Robbo's to get a trailer load of topsoil to fill in some 'rolls and dents' in the backyard . I'll see if I can get some photos of the latter.

Then to marinade a large rump steak that I'll BBQ tonight with some potato wedgies.

And its already 11.30 am on a Friday here.

Rhonda works this weekend and then on Sunday night its off to "The Camp" for three nights.

TWO yobs have appeared in court after starting a fight with Spiderman — and getting knocked out by two cross-dressers.
Dean Jonathan Gardner, aged 19, and Jason Andrew Fender, aged 22, were arrested following two separate incidents in The Kingsway which took place just moments apart in the early hours of August 30.
But they picked the wrong victims on this occasion after being floored by two cross-dressers who are believed to have been cage fighters on a night out.
Police confronted Gardner and Fender, both of Llanerch Road, Bonymaen, nursing their injuries after identifying the unemployed pair from CCTV pictures which showed them fighting with people queuing outside the Escape club.

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