Monday, February 20, 2012

My kitchen

I really love my kitchen! It's so roomy and spacious and has a pantry and lots of storage space and still room for all my appliances.

It'd great for cooking things like these T-bones and potato 'Wedgies' parcels that we had on Saturday evening for dinner. 

I marinated the two and a half inch thick T-bones for three hours at room temperature in a marinade of 1/4 cup of red wine, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of  Worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of freshly crushed garlic cloves. Then, onto a pre-heated BBQ grill plate at 210C  [420F] for 4 minutes on each side - Beautiful, so tender it was mouth watering.

Oh! The wedgie parcels, potato wedges dipped in oil and then coated with a selection of finely chopped fresh herbs  - they were wrapped in baking paper and then went into a preheated oven at 200C and just left them for 30 minutes. The Wedgies were ready when the T-bones were and I just served the parcel wrapped wedgies onto the table!

Rhonda left half of her steak so I took the fillet of it in the morning and thinly sliced it and served the slices on toast with Dijon mustard for our breakfasts.


cathy@home said...

So I guess you ate all of your steak:)
Looks like a lovely practical kitchen my favorite sort.

JohnD said...

LoL! Yep, Cathy - sure did! Hope I haven't offended any vegetarians out there but I've never met a vegetarian Lion or Tiger!

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Those were mighty "big" steaks John ! Glad to see you leave out at room temp. too; wonder how many people don't know to do that? I hope I remember to try doing potatoes the way you did them, as they sound "delish" done that way. I love your kitchen; it is nice and bright too ! I would love a huge country kitchen. The house we built when we lived in Waterloo, ON, was open concept with a tear-drop counter at the end where we could lunch if the spirit moved us. Ha,ha,ha...glad I am not the only one whose fridge is covered with "stuff"!
Waiting for the Woodstove's heat to flow through the house.
"Just Me" Cindy

JohnD said...

Chicken in the fridge - beef in the room when marinades are being used.

Lamb likes coming to room temperature before cooking as well - always let your lamb roast sit out and come to room temp before putting it in the oven. But lamb does not freeze well, loses its 'lamby' taste after defrosting.

The kitchen and the bathroom laundry were the big 'selling points' for this home - both had been added as part of the renovations.

Jacqueline said...

Pretty kitchen JohnD...those steaks are huge! I was looking at your weight loss since January, then looking at those steaks...and trying to put to two together! How do you men do it?

Maria said...

Ok, if I ate steaks like that every night with potato wedges as well...I would be as fat as a pig. How are you eating like this and LOSING???

JohnD said...

Jacqueline, One meal a day - Eat fruit (fresh and dried) and drink tea and water during the day and only have one main meal around 7.30pm each day.

JohnD said...

Maria, see comment to Jacqueline - PLUS - mostly, I've given up all carbohydrates, especially sugars and deliberately aimed at a "slow weight loss diet" (SWLD) and not trying to lose 'heaps' every week. A kilogram loss in 7 days is merely 150 gms a day - not much when you don't dwell on your weight loss program.

Another trick is to stick to a 'Weekly Weigh' and not be jumping on the scales each day.

It's a slower process than a "Crash Diet" but you don't end up looking like a carrot stick or sick of the sight of a bowl of lettuce leaves.

Last night I had a 'treat' - two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream. Wow! It was gorgeous - nice word 'gorge'-ous LOL!