Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MY "SWLD" diet

A "SWLD" diet is a "Slow Weight Loss Diet" - the kind recommended by most reputable dietitians as the one to follow that will allow you to lose weight without starving yourself and also minimise the chance of a 'post-diet' eating binge.

A "SWLD" diet aims to gradually allow the stomach to shrink so that after awhile hunger pangs reduce. "SWLD" diets are usually designed around the individuals dietary needs and food preferences.

Here's an example of mine:

Most mornings, when Rhonda is working, I arise at 4.45am, put some day clothes on and make  a cup of coffee for Rhonda and myself a mug of tea for myself. I then I call her.

While we have our morning drink I eat some fresh fruit – a Kiwi fruit or Chinese Gooseberry,

 -, or a banana

When Rhonda is right and awake I’ll go to the computer until she’s ready to leave for work – around 5.45am, then, after that, I’ll walk the dog to the newsagents and get the required newspaper for the day. When I come home I’ll have another mug of tea while I read the paper and usually eat some more fruit.

I then shower and dress according to the day’s requirements – ‘home day’, then casual wear for around the house. If I’m driving for Home Living Support then required ‘code of dress’ – uniform shirt, jacket, slacks, etc.

If I’m driving for Home Living Support then I’ll take along some fruit – usually a banana – and a 600 ml bottle of still or mineral water and that is all I’ll have until I return home. Then I’ll usually have a mug of tea and some dried fruit.

If it’s a ‘home day’ I’ll either eat some more fresh fruit, or, some dried fruit, drink either water or tea – I like strong black tea - Lipton's black tea - as studies have shown that drinking black or green tea may help maintain normal healthy heart function as part of a diet that is consistent with dietary guidelines and research suggests that drinking 2 to 3 cups per day of black or green tea may help support normal healthy vascular function . Tea, when served without milk or sugar contains virtually no calories and this makes it an ideal choice as part of diet control over sweet fruit drinks.

 Lunch would usually be some clear soup – I like mine homemade but if I'm short of time, I'll go for the proprietary brand of "Authentic Asia":

  During the afternoon I‘ll sip on a bottle of Schweppes mineral water - 

 and nibble on a lunch pack of sultanas, or some "GORP" - good old raisins and peanuts trail mix:

all the time while preparing something for our dinner.

When Rhonda arrives home about 5 pm it’s, again, coffee for her and a mug of tea while we catch up on the days news and then I’ll turn the TV on for the evening news. I might have another piece of fruit while I watch the evening live news and current affairs show, perhaps a peach - 

 ,or, a   nectarine - 

  while I wait for dinner.

Dinner is our main meal which, usually, consists of some protein base – fish, (we eat a lot of fish - several times a week - smoked cod, seafood marinara, fresh fish fillets, smoked kippers)  chicken, lamb, pork or beef, always grilled of course – and three vegetables with no sauce or gravy. We always have water on the table for drinking purposes as we know drinking water with a meal aids digestion. In cooler weather this will be a dinner of something like seafood marinara, or, spaghetti and meatballs, or, a crock pot casserole of chicken, lamb or goat.

On Rhonda’s days off my routine is not quite the same. Rhonda likes toast for breakfast, so I'll have a slice of 'Grains+' bread - a 9 grains bread - with some sliced tomato on top and our dinner is usually a bit more lavish – e.g. we’ll BBQ those steaks and potato wedgies on the Weber Q.

Since I started my diet alcohol has virtually gone off the menu, tho’ we may have a glass of wine occasionally or a scotch and soda.

That’s it folks – a typical “SWLD” – Slow Weight Loss Diet. Any questions and I’ll happily answer them!

btw - want something neat and warm for breakfast that is almost calorie free?  Slice a nectarine into halves and put it 'cut side down' onto a medium hot plate for 2 minutes and serve on a piece of Grains+ toast with a teaspoon of honey dribbled over the nectarine halves!  - About 150 calories!

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