Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arachnophobes beware.

 There is a silent army on the move in flooded New South Wales - spiders!
Floodwaters have stirred up what appears to be millions of spiders around Wagga Wagga and the creepy crawlies are heading for higher ground. Residents taking refuge from flood and spider in the Red Steer pub say you cannot walk down the road without swarms of tiny brown spiders crawling up your legs, and in their escape they have left entire paddocks and trees swathed in silver silk.Dennis Lane, who lives at Cartwrights Hill in north-east Wagga, says the spectacle has attracted many visitors to the area to take photos.

"It's all silver. It's like snow in the trees. With the wet it's all silk," he said. "Just down the bottom of the hill from my place, the trees are covered in them. They're just all walking out of the water down the road." When asked to estimate how many spiders there were, Mr Lane replied: "Well, have you ever won the lotto? Millions." He says like many of the residents of Wagga Wagga, the spiders are seeking refuge too."I went down and said 'what are all these little things here?', and you see them all, all little tiny ones. They've got to try and protect themselves too so they're looking for dry land like everyone else," he said.

But Mr Lane says he would rather the spiders than some of the other creatures washed out by the floods.



Chris said...

That'll be why I don't live in Australia then John. Eek!

John Gray said...

spiders scare me more than ANYTHING else in the world

Maria said...

I am afraid of almost nothing. Except spiders. I am terrified of them and scream like a girl each and every time I see one. Once I saw one with a huge egg sack and I honestly thought I might vomit. I would be a shaking mess in your neck of the woods.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

OMG, John. I was literally "gagging" when reading this post. I HATE spiders, and as Mr. Lane stated, I am sure there could be worse creatures then spiders washed out, the fact remains I still hate SPIDERS !!! Creep me out they do, and they "bite" to boot.

Way over here being ...
"Just Me"