Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As sick as a dog ... also!

I've been crook for the last 10 days - a chest infection that went viral and ended up with bronchial asthma pretty bad - been on a double course of Antibiotics and prednisalone as well as the usual array of inhalers and decongestant mixes. Starting to feel better now and extending myself a bit more each day!

Speaking about being-sick-as-dog  Cro,  over at Cro's meanderings, wrote about how he took Lady Magnon  to Toulouse and took his dogs along for the ride. Monty didn't take the trip too well - oh sh*te!

Denny-the-Dog used to get car sick when I took him away with me from our then home on the coast to stay with me while I worked away for the week. Trips always meant careful preparation - starve him the night before, stop every hour to let him exercise and get his balance back - but even the best planned trips ended up with him being car sick.

Ginger (in its "sweet" form, or, as ginger tablets) sometimes worked as an anti-motion sickness but he really just grew out of it and now loves riding in the truck - even dives into the Forester if we have the door open too long. I started by taking him on short, acclimatisation drives, usually to somewhere he loves to go, like the park or the river, until he associated riding in the truck as being 'pleasurable'.

Weigh-in delayed until tomorrow morning as getting out of bed on our now cooler mornings has been onerous.


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Hey John, hope you recover fully soon ! Denny the Dog is such a sweet looking boy. Our Bandit, or I should say, the whole pack, thinks they can jump right in the back when the Van hatch is open. Missy Mercedes was terrible with motion sickness and crying, we never thought it would work out with the way we come and go ... but she got over it as I kept taking her everywhere. She is the "best" traveller now.
Be better ! "Just Me"

Sharon said...

Have had my share of dogs that couldn't handle traveling. Glad that Denny seems okay about it now!

John, have you considered getting rid of that awful word verification? It really is a pain and somehow, I have to take several tries.

LindaG said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

JohnD said...

Some dogs just need to acclimatize - never thought much of the 'ginger tablets' but the vet recommended them - got them from the vitamin section at the local pharmacy.

JohnD said...

Thanks for the heads up on word verification - Oops!, so sorry!

JohnD said...

Slow road and now its raining - had an inch of rain during the night and more coming.