Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gaol Rupert Murdoch

News Limited's Pay TV Piracy hits the news!

Gaol Rupert Murdoch and his son James! Surely the free world has had enough of these media carnivores!

Rupert Murdoch

James Murdoch

This man and his son are media scum and should be gaoled - all western countries could start by cancelling or refusing them citizenship and exiling them to living in third world nations!

David Cottle with, inset from top, Ray Adams and Reuven Hasak. While News Corp has consistently denied any role in fostering pay TV piracy, emails obtained by the Financial Review contradict court testimony given by Operational Security officers as well as statements by News lawyers in the past three weeks. 
Photo: Louie Douvis

 Download a sample of the 14,400 emails held by former NDS European chief for Operational Security Ray Adams

Explore a sample of the 14,400 emails on DocumentCloud

A secret unit within Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation promoted a wave of high-tech piracy in Australia that damaged Austar, Optus and Foxtel at a time when News was moving to take control of the Australian pay TV industry.
The piracy cost the Australian pay TV companies up to $50 million a year and helped cripple the finances of Austar, which Foxtel is now in the process of acquiring.
A four-year investigation by The Australian Financial Review has revealed a global trail of corporate dirty tricks directed against competitors by a secretive group of former policemen and intelligence officers within News Corp known as Operational Security.
Their actions devastated News’s competitors, and the resulting waves of high-tech piracy assisted News to bid for pay TV businesses at reduced prices – including DirecTV in the US, Telepiu in Italy and Austar. These targets each had other commercial weaknesses quite apart from piracy.

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