Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Really scary stuff

Unruly pilot: The captain of the JetBlue flight has been identified as Clayton Osbon, pictured here in a cockpit
An aircraft captain yelled about a bomb and had to be locked out of the cockpit as his Las Vegas-bound flight was diverted to Texas, passengers say.
JetBlue Airways said in a statement that the captain of Flight 191 from New York had a "medical situation" and that the pilot in command of the aircraft elected to land in Amarillo about 10 am
Grant Heppes, a 22-year-old passenger from New York City, told The Associated Press that a man in a JetBlue uniform started to become disruptive when he was barred from getting back inside.
"Once he got back to the front of the plane I heard him scream, 'Let me in!"' Heppes said.
Heidi Karg, a passenger on the flight, told CNN that the man was shouting "I need the code, gimme the code, I need to get in there." The pilot used the announcement system to call for someone to restrain him and some male passengers wrestled him to the ground, she said.
Karg said she thought the man was the captain of the flight but that she wasn't certain. "We heard the word 'bomb,"' Karg said. "We didn't know exactly what was going on."

Mental breakdown: A JetBlue flight captain, pictured, was restrained and taken to hospital,
after going berserk mid-flight and screaming at passengers to say their prayers because the
plane was going down

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