Monday, March 5, 2012

Pet peeves

I asked a group of friends what their 'Pet Peeves' were. This was how they responded:

Why is it that we think others will not notice what we can see?

The critic who only looks for imperfections.

A critic who is so disappointed when they find no imperfections it becomes their main complaint.

Doctors are not God - If you want miracles go to Lourdes – but be thankful for what they do get right.

A man holds a door open for a woman to enter first Please say “Thank you!” – He’s not
your &^%$ing doorman.

I compose a great post (doesn't happen often for me) and write a couple of hundred thoughtful words, then my browser crashes and you lose the lot. That cheeses me off! 

1. If you want to  order a double-mocha-latte-frappe thing and a slice of raisin toast, don’t queue at the ‘Fast Service’ cashier!

2. (Still Macca’s) People who try to hedge their bets and queue between 2 registers! Life's a gamble, just choose one. Or people who stand in the no-mans-land sort of queuing, sort of queuing and sort of not queuing, trying to decide what burger to get. Seriously, if you don't know what your Maccas meal is going to be before you enter those doors then GTFO.

3. After a hard day in the garden and a trip 'green tip' trip, you decide to treat the dog and yourself to KFC. Get there and the drive thru was closed - four school coaches heading north/south so they closed the drive thru to counter serve the kids - all lined up and 'cross-ordering' amongst their mates in the waiting line. Leave there and head to Maccas drive thru - three/four cars backed up into the car park! Decide to abort this and head for a local 'chew & spew' - couldn't even get your order taken, what  with three mammas with multi-strollers ordering multi-bits-&-pieces for their rug rats while workers are queued back to the wall waiting to order their lunch food. Leave that situation and go to the local bakery - walk in, order two local baked pies, handed over $10 and get change back, walk out to "Have a good day and call again" all as quick as you can read that. Then round the corner to home and fight dog for a “fair share” of those lovely, thick meat, pies!

Being behind several (four or more) persons who feel the need to walk in a straight line abreast at a snail's pace, stopping every few seconds to discuss the nature of each retail store they see (ie all of them, about 100 down the mall).

People who congregate around entrance ways at the airport. Some just walk into the entrance and then stand there blocking the entrance while they look around for check in counters or whatever, just move to the side and lets others use the entrance.

1. People with no care or concern about their trolley blocking the aisles. 

(I tackled a similar problem with a mention that perhaps the two people heading in opposite directions of the aisle might like to take the mother's club meeting elsewhere. One of said members of the quorum of two proceeded to cast a verbal barrage at me the likes of which a sailor would be unlikely to use when well past the rum ration allowed. I simply said "you can't talk to me like that - you're not my wife". Her face blew up like a puffer fish eating habaneros but the smallish gathering that had stopped due to the roadblock cracked up at her expense. She left)

2. People that can't count enough to realise they are over the express lane limit.
3. People that don't already have their wallet/purse out by the time the girl has finished scanning all their stuff.
4. People that don't have their reward card/fly-buys (or similar approved) ready before the girl asks for it
5. People that don't clear the checkout within a reasonable period of time after their deal is done and the girl has started scanning the next customer's load.
6. People who hand their shopping to a friend in the line in front of you, rather than line up behind you like anyone else.
7. Staff on a break who queue jump with their supper items and their staff discount card and expect to be served immediately (and cannot be refused by their co-worker).
8. Counter staff who carry on inane conversations with their customer friends while there's a queue lined up waiting to be served.
9. Getting to the head of the line only to have the only checkout person excuse themselves and head over to the 'cigarette' side of the counter to serve someone they obviously know as a friend.

1, Being asked for my name and address when I purchase goods in shops, I even had one shop assistant tell me she needed it for warranty. I had to explain to her that my receipt covered the warranty. 

2. I purchased (cash) a 100ml bottle of 2 stroke oil for $4.20 and the guy in the shop wanted my name insisting he needed it to complete the transaction, they now have Elvis Presley registered as a customer.

Service Stations (Gas Stations for American friends)
1. When you drive into a service station to fill up with petrol (and you have to take position on the end of the queue for the next available bowser) that the vehicles in front of you finish their transactions and drive off and some clown drives in the opposite way and blocks your exit?

2. Why is it .......?
When the above happens there are already vehicles pulled up behind you so you cannot reverse out?

3. Why is it .......?
After all of the above, you go to pay and there are one or two people in front of you, the second one is the one who pulled 'nose-in' on you and this one's credit card won't work, so there's a delay while they find one that does?

4. Why is it .......?
That the person in the queue above decides that the delay is an option to 'grab some snacks' from the adjacent racks, then it takes another five minutes for the attendant to process their purchases (plus pay for their fuel!)

5. Why is it .......? 
That the person above will always select one item that's not been programmed into the cashier's computerised till and she has to call for the manager to come and unlock the system so that he can look up the price and key it in?


LindaG said...

And here I thought I was being polite by standing back and letting other people go ahead of me while I try to decide what I want in a fast food place. ;-)

Oh, I have been there with the lost post. That's when I hope that Blogger did its draft save...

Or the pump people have to go to the bathroom or who knows what inside the store, leaving the pump blocked while they do.

Also here, in my neighborhood at least, are the kids who walk 3 or more abreast in the driving lane and can't be bothered to move out of the way, leaving you to follow behind them or drive around.

Loved your post John!

Maria said...

Oh, boy...been there and done all that! And felt the steam coming out of my ears...

JohnD said...

Yair - my friends seem to cover the whole gamut there, ehhh?