Monday, April 23, 2012

The Battle at Kapyong, Korea, April 23 - 25 1951

The Battle at Kapyong, just before Anzac Day in April 1951 involved Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand troops of the Korean War holding back an invading Chinese army which aimed to drive the foreigners into the sea. Often in total darkness, individual is pitted against individual for the control of a valley - the traditional invasion route to Seoul.

What follows becomes the turning point of China's spring offensive and decisive moment in the Korean War.

This video runs for over 50 minutes.

The battle of Kapyong

NOTE: Overseas readers may not be able to view this video from its linked source - Please go to youtube and search "The Battle of Kapyong, Korea 1951"


Jim said...

Not being 'up' on my history of this war, I didn't know Canada was involved in this battle. Which is more reason for me to watch this. I will take a look when I find 50 minutes.
Just an aside but related in a husband Ron's father was killed which getting ready for the Korean War here in Canada. He was a pilot with the RCAF and had a 'flame out' during practice. He was 36 years old and that was in 1952.

Oh yes, I directed my followers on today's post to your blog. Gee, that sounded like a 'cult' leader!!! lol

Jim said...

Just tried that video and found out that we can't see it in Canada. Will look in other places...

JohnD said...

You may try youtube search under "The Battle of Kapyong 1951" - it was truly a momentous and valiant battle by a vastly outnumbered Commonwealth Force that was a 'turning point' for the whole Korean Police Action. The video reveals the 'warts'n'all' aspects of the battle for both sides.

JohnD said...

One battalion of Princess Patricia's own, one battalion of Australian Regular Army and a battery of New Zealand 25 pounders against a Chinese army of tens of thousands - Truly a very similar "Spartan Effort" worthy of matching anything the Peloponnesian War had to offer.

John Gray said...

a fascinating watch
you really should write a book john.... you are like a bloody encyclopaedia!

JohnD said...

Compelling viewing, wasn't it? So few people actually know what Korea was about and just how bad it was. Pity we didn't have better Staff Officers in command!